As one of South Africa’s expert plumbing retailers, we’ve also combined high-end furnishings with environmentally friendly designs through our Green Living Campaign.

We’ll help you decrease your water consumption with our aerated sink mixers and integrated dual-flushing mechanisms. What’s more, we have store consultants with a wealth of experience on hand who can give you invaluable tips. There are many ways of conserving water and going green is an individual choice each and every one of us has to make at some stage for the benefit of future generations. If we conserve water today, we can enjoy it tomorrow.

To help you save water and help conserve the environment, ON TAP offers local and international brands that are geared towards Green Living. Our eco-friendly local and international product-ranges will benefit you as the customer, and the environment.

A breath of fresh air
ON TAP offers bathroom mixers from Hansgrohe that implement an ecological approach to hand washing by means of Eco-Smart technology. These mixers are equipped with an aerator integrated into the spout, which infuses water with air to decrease water consumption by up to 60% without sacrificing comfort or water flow. To add more benefit, single lever mixers allow you to adjust water temperature quickly without wasting water.

Help save the planet, one shower at a time
It takes approximately 140 litres of water to fill a bath tub, while a normal 5-minute shower will probably use 90 litres of water. Now, imagine saving up to 60% of that water consumption regardless of the pressure, by simply using one of our eco-friendly showers.

Flush away waste, not precious water
Although actuating panels may appear in simple shapes, pre-wall technology systems incorporate state-of-the-art water saving technology without limiting drinking water quality? Saving water through integrated dual flushing mechanisms is easier to operate than what it sounds like and simply requires a gentle press: the adjustable short flush uses approximately 3 to 4 litres of water, while the adjustable full flush uses between 6 and 9 litres.

Heat towels the right way
ON TAP has a range of heated towel rails offering an effective way to dry, warm and air towels after bathing or showering. Eco-friendly towel heating units are designed to operate as part of a recirculating hot water system, thus you’ll be reusing water that would otherwise have been wasted with the Jeeves system. However the Bathroom Butler system uses the latest in Dry Element Technology, offering modern stainless steel, heated towel rails are built to dry your towels. While our ranges are designed to run 24/7, with advanced features like our TDC Timer you don’t have to waste energy running your heated towel rail all day long. Instead you can program it to automatically come one only when needed.

Make efficient use of natural energy
By investing in natural solar energy, you save electricity. Solar water heating systems provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of heating water. Speak to one of our consultants for advice on installation,