1. Who is the organizer: This competition is organized and run by On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd.
  2. Who Can Enter: Any person who –

2.1           applies for and receives a “Win a Vehicle” loyalty card; and

2.2           spends R10 000.00 or more every calendar month from 1st July up to and including        30 November 2015 at an On Tap Store.

  1. Photocopies or other reproductions of “Win a Vehicle” loyalty cards will not be accepted.
  2. The Law: This competition shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of section 36 read with Regulation 11 of the Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008.
  3. Exclusion: Directors, members, partners, employees, agents of, or consultants to On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd and/or any On Tap franchise and/or its subsidiaries including their promotional partners and printers, their advertising and promotional agencies, suppliers of goods or services in connection with this competition or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd or marketing service providers in respect of this competition, or any of the aforementioned persons’ immediate family, including spouses, life partners, parents, children and siblings, business partners, or associates of a director, employee or agent of, a consultant to On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd are not eligible to participate or enter this competition. The competition is not open for entry by or on behalf of a legal entity.
  4. Competition Period: The competition runs from Wednesday 1 July 2015 and will end Monday 30 November 2015. No late entries will be accepted after midnight on 30th November 2015.
  5. How do I participate and enter? To participate and enter the competition consumers need to apply for and obtain a “Win a Vehicle” loyalty card, spend a minimum of R10 000.00 per month starting from 1 July 2015 and ending 30 November 2015; using the “Win a Vehicle” loyalty card issued as a mechanism to record these purchases, rounding down to the nearest one thousand (R1 000). The “Win a Vehicle” loyalty card must be signed and stamped with an official stamp by an On Tap store employee at every purchase.
  6. The prize and Winners: The Grand prize is 1 (one) x Nissan NP 200 Bakkie with canopy, kitted out with basic plumbing supplies and tools.
  7. The grand winner will be drawn on the 11th of December 2015. The loyalty cards from each On Tap sales region (Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Western Cape) will be pooled per region after the competition has closed, and the four regional finalists will be randomly selected by the Management of On Tap Franchise Holdings in the presence of their auditing firm, Gresham Chartered Accountants Inc. The finalists will then be notified telephonically and invited to attend the grand prize giving. There will be 4 keys to choose from, each finalist will choose a key. Only one key will open the vehicle, the holder of this key will be the Grand winner. The 3 runners up will each be presented with an R 10 000.00 gift voucher redeemable for product at an On Tap Store only. The final results will be published on the ON TAP website at www.ontap.co.za on or before 15 December 2015.


  1. In order to qualify as a finalist, the person concerned must not be in default of any credit terms granted to him or her by any On Tap store. This applies to all goods purchased from an On Tap store, regardless of whether or not their purchase is claimed as spending under this competition.
  2. Finalists will be entitled to decline to attend the prize giving. In this case, a finalist may in writing appoint another person to attend the prize giving on his or her behalf. In this event, or in the event of the finalist simply failing to attend, On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd will appoint an independent person to attend and participate in the prize giving on the finalist’s behalf. In either of these circumstances, the finalist will be obliged to accept the outcome of the prize giving and will have no recourse against On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd or the independent person appointed by On Tap FranchiseHoldings (Pty) Ltd.
  3. The winner agrees to retain the initial vehicle branding for the period of 1 year, thereafter he/she may alter the branding at their cost. In view of this, the winner agrees to not dispose of the vehicle or give possession of the vehicle to any other person for a period of 1 year without the prior written consent of On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld.
  4. The winner must allow On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd a reasonable period to arrange for the vehicle to be registered and licensed in their respective names and must provide On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd with all information and original documentation required for this purpose, including an Identity Document together with a driver’s licence, valid in South Africa in respect of the winner or his or her nominated driver.
  5. The winners may be asked to participate in marketing activities as well as promotional elements that may be associated with the competition, including having his/her photograph taken, but he/she will be entitled to decline to do so.
  6. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or any other prize from On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd.
  7. Unclear, illegible or incorrect information provided by the winner will be declared as invalid and will result in the consumer’s entry becoming invalid.
  8. Should technical failures result in an invalid promotional entry neither On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd nor the agency or promoter or any of their affiliates or the participating partners will be held liable.
  9. On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to substitute the prize with an alternative prize of the same commercial value should a situation arise that is beyond On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd control.
  10. On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or withdraw any aspect of this competition in its sole discretion at any time without notice or liability On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd cannot guarantee the performance of any third party and shall not be liable for any act or default by a third party. Participants of this competition agree that On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd will, subject to prevailing law, have no liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses, costs, damage or disappointment of any kind resulting in whole or in part, directly or indirectly from acceptance, misuse or use of the prize, or from participation in this competition. The laws of the Republic of South Africa govern this competition. If any provision or part of these Competition Rules is deemed void or otherwise unenforceable in law, then that provision or part shall be deemed excluded and the remainder of these Rules shall remain in force. Any violation of these Competition Rules will result in the immediate disqualification of the transgressing participant from the competition.
  11. On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to extend, shorten or suspend the time period of the Competition whenever it should so choose for technical, commercial, or operational reasons, or for the greater public good, or due to a “force majeure” or generally for any reason whatsoever within its sole discretion, as long as the participants are notified in a manner that is expedient according to its best ability.
  12. On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to terminate this promotion and/or competition immediately at any stage, whether required as a result of changes in legislation, or if required by any national, provincial or municipal authority, or within the sole discretion of the company for any reason whatsoever. Notice of such termination shall be published on the On Tap website (www.ontap.co.za). In such an event, all participants waive any rights that they may have/purport to have in terms of this competition, and acknowledge that they will have no recourse against the organisers whatsoever.
  13. The Competition, its prize, and any rules / conditions surrounding it may be amended by reasonable notification at any time during the competition, and will be applied and interpreted at the sole discretion On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd.
  14. Such altered rules and prizes shall become effective immediately after being altered or on such date as may be determined by On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd.
  15. No entrants shall have any recourse against On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd as a result of the alterations of the rules or prizes.
  16. Subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, the prize winner accepts the prize at his/her own risk. The winner will be required to sign a form of acceptance when claiming the prize.

    26. On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd shall not be liable for any damage, death, loss or injury resulting from the delivery, transportation or use of the prize.

  17. Neither On Tap Franchise Holdings (Pty) Ltd shall be liable for any latent or patent defects in the prize(s). In this regard, the winner’s recourse shall be against the retailer, distributor and manufacturer of the prize(s).
  18. The judges’ decision is final and binding, no correspondence will be entered into.
  19. By entering this competition consumers/participants are agreeing to the aforementioned terms and conditions. Consumers/participants may be requested to have their particulars published in relevant media as well as to receive future promotional advertising, but he/she will be entitled to decline to do so.
  20. A copy of these competition rules will be available at all ON Tap stores, and may also be viewed or downloaded from the ONTAP website at www.ontap.co.za