Your house is usually your biggest and most valuable asset. When deciding to sell, you are always trying to get the best price for your investment. With an unfavorable economic environment pushing real estate prices up, if you aren’t adding value to your house you may be losing money.  Hippo recently published an article on adding value to your house.  Improving your home’s real estate value need not include the big developments or cost a small fortune. Sprucing up your garden (landscaping), or developing a swimming pool or a storage area are just some of the things you could look into.  Have a look at the main take-a-ways of Hippo’s DIY guide to improving the value of your home. It may just guide and inspire you to make that much needed renovation or upgrade in your home.’s Janice Anderssen

  • Before starting your DIY project, attend how-to workshops on how to operate the tools and material you will need for home improvement. Visit for great DIY tutorials. Never stop learning; increase your DIY skill set by always looking out for new techniques on the internet and attending workshops.
  • If you hire a professional to landscape, watch closely and learn some of the techniques you can use later.

Redfish’s Theunis Hanekom

  • A well-groomed garden would be a good project to start with on your road to being a home improvement guru.
  • Gather resources and information from YouTube and if you cannot get on the internet ask your local hardware store or contractor.
  • As a rule of thumb spend 1% of your property’s value on maintenance each year.
  • Before tackling a project think of the legal and safety parameters you need to work around.

Rose Eedes Properties’ Rose Eedes

  • Features to add to your home to increase its value include: in the kitchen add new countertops, cupboards, a new sink or a new coat of paint; in the bathroom add new sinks and counters; add security features—electric fence, automated gates, trellidors. These could all increase your property’s value.
  • Additions to the house or its façade require consent from the council and the neighbours.
  • If you are renting and you wish to make any change, get permission from the landlord. If agreed upon, any changes should be under taken by a trusted contractor.

Tétris South Africa’s Emma Luyt

  • There are some projects which are too big and require professional help. Re-plastering your walls could turn into a disaster—know your limits and get the right help.
  • If you are planning on resale in 5 years, make improvements to push up the value; if on the other hand you intend living on your property past 5 years, make improvements that appeal to your personal taste.

Final thought 

Start to capitalize on your DIY skills and increase your property’s value or create a space that’s truly yours. Always be on the lookout for tips and hints on the internet or TV or ask the professionals as you buff up your DIY skills. Sprucing up your bathroom is a great way to increase your house’s market value. Visit for the best deals on bathroom ware. If you need to read more and hear what other experts have to say, visit for the full article.