A chilly wind ripped through the air and the rain started to come down in a steady motion. This was by no means an ominous sign for the celebratory function for the newly relocated QUEENSBURG On Tap Showroom! Scott Haslam was indeed a proud owner after many weeks of diligent work, everything came together without a hitch – well not that those wouldbe worth a mention anyway. He sported an excited twinkle in his eye as he stood tall in his gleaming new store with his attentive hardworking staff by his side who no doubt played a considerable role in ensuring that the storewas ready for presentation on 26 March 2015.

The Pietermaritzburg team made their way down, manoeuvring the mazelike circuits of Queensburgh to finally arrive, at what can only be described as a sight for sore eyes!! Greeted by an excited atmosphere, people mingled, networked, enjoyed refreshing beverages and indulged in thescrumptious platters on offer. The night was a salutation to good things tocome for not only this Queensburgh store but also for the On Tap brand.Congratulations Scott, Allan and your amazing team! We wish you all the success at the store!!!