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Your bathroom is a hub of daily activity. It’s the space in which you freshen up before work or soak away your worries when you get home. As a result, this sanctum has to be a soothing retreat. With our wide range of bathroom products , ON TAP can help you create a tranquil, beautiful space.

Everyday Elegance

ON TAP’s exclusive collection of bathroom furnishings and accessories mean that your dream of owning an indoor oasis is just a few purchases short of reality. The clean lines and simple colours of our range enable you to effortlessly add items to your existing lavatory. You could even fully remodel the space to match modern or classic trends. We supply the fixtures you need, regardless of your style preference.

In our selection, you’ll find staple pieces, such as:

  • Basins – The foundation of any vanity area is a beautiful sink. Mounted on your countertop or against the wall on a pedestal, our one and two tap offerings are available in elegant white ceramic.
  • Bathtubs – Our baths are supplied in a number of shapes and sizes, from wall-mounted standard rectangles to deep oval slipper baths. Certain designs also provide head and arm rests, as well as handles to assist you climbing in and out.
  • Showers – ON TAP lets you to choose your taps, spouts and shower heads based on intriguing features, such as multiple jet settings, nature-inspired precipitation and pulsating massage handhelds
  • Toilets – Wall hung pans, Close couple suites and back to wall pans urinals and bidets are all offered in our product range, a selection of which come with water-saving flush mechanisms. These designs are in line with our Green Living commitment.

You can complement these must-haves with luxury bathroom accessories, such as heated towel rails and chrome-plated soap racks, or practical items, like urinal partitions and glass shelves.

Consistent Quality

Staying abreast of the latest trends in bathroom fittings is easy with ON TAP . Our exclusive collection consists of industry leading brand names, rivalled only by the biggest and best plumbing retailers nationwide. Browse our extensive product listings to buy bathroom staples and accessories online or at your nearest store.

Products Page:

ON TAP makes creating a luxurious bathroom or kitchen paradise simple, fun and pleasing to your pocket. Our comprehensive range of supplies and furnishings is precisely what you need to transform a plain space into an elegant sanctum.
We stock staple pieces, such as geysers, sinks and tubs, as well as towel rails, and shower racks. This makes us your one-stop bathroom and kitchen plumbing supplies store.

Beautiful Designs Meet Incredible Functionality

Our premium products provide all your essential bathroom and kitchen equipment and accessories. Each item we stock is designed from top-quality materials to ensure reliability, practicality, and eye-catching good looks.

Whether you need a stylish addition for your apartment, house or company, our kitchen and bathroom fixtures cater to the needs of:

  • Professional plumbers
  • Interior decorators and architects
  • Homeowners

In addition to a superior selection of products, our experienced staff are on hand to provide assistance anywhere their advice is required.

An Exceptional Collection of World-Class Brands

ON TAP products are sourced from leading local and international brands, so you can fit your living spaces with high-end fixtures and innovative designs. Browse our selection of high-end supplies and buy your preferred products from our comprehensive listings online or in-store.

Kitchen Page

ON TAP gives you the opportunity to transform the heart of your home into a cooking sanctuary that everyone can appreciate. Our range of stainless steel and sinks offers style and sophistication. Available in metallic or muted shades, with polished silk finishes, these items complement modern and traditional living spaces alike

Indulge in Impeccable Quality

You can shorten the tedious search for high-end plumbing supplies with our unique range. Stocked with premium kitchen sinks and taps made by top brands from around the world, our collection features incredible designs, shapes and sizes.

We offer a wide variety of products, and ON TAP’s main focus is always the functionality and durability of each item. Therefore, we’ve ensured every one of our offerings is stain, rust and corrosion resistant; and capable of withstanding high temperatures and daily kitchen scuffles. What’s more, cleaning is a breeze without the worry of warping basins and blocked pipes.

Our most popular selections of preparation bowls and washing up sinks feature

  • Basket waste fittings, drainers, overflow catchers and faucet landings
  • Classic drop-in counter top or rustic wall mountings
  • Reversible single and double bowls in square, round or curved shapes
  • Swivel sink mixers with levers or stop-taps

We can also accessorise certain models with colanders and glass cutting boards.

Savour the Modern Convenience

Our reliable manufacturers have more than 100 years’ experience crafting domestic and industrial plumbing products . As a result, we’re able to provide homeowners and professional renovators reliable modern kitchen faucets and sinks.
Enjoy the stylish sophistication of designer mixers and sink. Browse through our top-quality kitchen sinks and taps online or in-store today.

Bathroom Ideas Page

ON TAP can assist you in transforming your lacklustre lavatory into a heavenly hideaway. If you’re unsure of how to go about your renovations, our expert team has compiled a host of bathroom design ideas to inspire your decorating instincts.
Technological advancements have sped up the rhythm of our everyday lives, leaving you to do more with less time, which leads to stress and fatigue. Your bathroom is one of the few spaces where you can simply escape and soak up the relaxation.

Combine innovative style with exceptional qualityy

Whether you’re remodelling your entire bathroom or simply revitalising the space, a few contemporary ideas can offer useful direction. For instance, the latest international trends are encouraging homeowners to focus on seamless designs and optimal functionality. Furnishing this sanctuary with premium products, like those found in our stores, is an excellent first step.

You can use ON TAP’s industry leading bathroom fixtures to create:

  • Natural Inspiration – The world is filled with breath-taking colours and designs. If you decorate your walls and floors in the earth’s calming hues and shapes, our clean metallic mixers and white porcelain basins will complement them effortlessly. In addition, aerated spouts and shower heads, as well as dual flushing cisterns help you to conserve water.
  • Minimalist Marvels – Wet rooms are ideal for homeowners who have limited space, and the trend of walk-in showers is becoming increasingly popular. Beyond extra room, the open-plan design provides an uncluttered, spacious appearance.
  • Vintage Vanity Rooms – Traditional ball-and-clawfoot tubs make an elegant focal point for classic bathing chambers. If you prefer to shower, you can simply attach a handheld head to your existing spout. Moreover, pedestal basins and stop-taps are a contemporary reminder of older decades, while heated towel rails add luxurious old-school charm and luxury.

Vintage Vanity Rooms – Traditional ball-and-claw-foot tubs make an elegant focal point for classic bathing chambers. If you prefer to shower, you can simply attach a handheld head to your existing spout. Moreover, pedestal basins and stop-taps are a contemporary reminder of older decades, while heated towel rails add luxurious old-school charm and luxury.