The excitement was tantamount at the Riverside Hotel with the Geberit team beaming with pride about to launch the long awaited Monolith PURO Range. We must admit that we too were equally excited and more so when we were told that they had Keramag products were paired with the Monoliths!! Geberit recently acquired the Sanitec Group which has 14 different sanitary brands most notably and soon to be available to us is the Keramag and Keramag Design range. Geberit is looking to combine their behind the wall technology with Sanitec’s in front of the wall sophistication and design!

The word monolith, whilst it rolls of the tongue seductively, is of Greek origin meaning a large single upright block of stone, shaped into or serving as a pillar or monument. A monument in your bathroom, doesn’t get classier than that does it? On display was the Geberit Monolith with a beautiful soft light feature and the four monoliths that are found in the Puro range which feature exquisite patterns. If your bathroom was a museum, the Monolith Puro would be your mural and your muse. Boasting four impressive designs to suit any consumer and a stoic all black, it certainly knocked our socks off!!

As if the mind of J.K Rowling came to life in the form of a beautiful plumbing fixture, the Fern Monoliths stands proud. Understated elegance indeed, with intricate delicate gold patterns adorning it, it was somewhat reminiscent of the golden snitch depicted in the Harry Potter universe – simply enchanting!

The Blossom is an oriental homage with a brilliant fiery reddish orange patterns of blossoms and a tiny bird perched sweetly on a branch against a pure white background. If tranquillity is what you seek, then here you will find it, with a splash of colour!

The rocococo, try saying that several times fast, is elegant and sophisticated with a whimsical feel to it. Delicate silver patterns with intermittent aquamarine blue splashes creep up from the ground up against a soft white background. For sophistication that demands attention, the rocococo is it’s epitome!

The Bamboo, if nature is your calling but the concrete jungle is your indigenous land, seek the best of both worlds with the Bamboo Monolith Puro. With just a hint of patterned bamboo against a stoic white background it is sure to soften your bathroom!

Make your toilet a focal point in your bathroom! While many people focus on the bath or shower, why not make the focus of your bathroom the one thing that is used the most. Your toilet. Plain toilets are so last season, with the Geberit Monolith take your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary with a little bit of glitz and glamour and adventure!

We at ON TAP understand that when you play the game of thrones, you either win or sit on a less than worthy throne. Congratulations Geberit on a fabulous product and your new acquisition!


Pssssst… If you’re looking for the mystery prize – it’s perfect for the holidays!! Planning to jet off, we’ve got exactly what you need – a snazzy suitcase filled to the brim with ON TAP goodies! Good luck!!